About Us

Every Idea starts with a problem.Ours was simple: after having to choose between overpriced and hype-beast designer brands, that disrespect your intelligence,with disrespectful quality. Skulls99 was founded to create an alternative. Skulls99 was Founded with disruptive force and soaring objective: to produce products of quality, simplicity and craftsmanship with an obsessive attention to detail, for guy's who know they shouldn't have to overpay for looking good.

We believe that when you spend money, you should get its worth. From price, customer service, packaging experience and Yes! the product itself.

As a result, people worldwide now have an incredibly personal relationship with what we make, as well as being happy, they didn’t have to overpay for the quality.
There you have it! Our goal is to try to bring you quality and simplicity at a revolutionary price;  so that you don’t have to choose between overpriced products that have been hyped and and don’t deliver the price tag’s worth. You too can start building a personal relationship with Skulls99, If you have any questions about Talian, or life in general, email us
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